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The peaceful setting of Manawa Ridge Luxury Eco Retreat on the Coromandel Peninsula was the inspiration for one of the most romantic and relaxing accommodations in New Zealand.


 Building a New Zealand Eco Lodge

It is just the way the hosts of this eco retreat, Willem and Carla van de Veen wanted it to be.

Willem and Carla had long held a vision of building an ‘Adobe’ style, luxury retreat set amidst the magical natural beauty of New Zealand. On a coastal walk 19 years ago they fell in love with the hilltop land where Manawa Ridge now stands.  The NZ eco lodge was created over seven years and opened in the summer of 2009.

In doing so Manawa Ridge Luxury Eco Lodge has set a new standard in luxury accommodation in New Zealand.  This truly eco-friendly accommodation is built entirely from recycled timbers and energy efficient material, reflecting a creative flair and love for the natural surroundings and featuring an artistic balance of old beams, polished manuka, straw bale and mudbrick.

With panoramic views of New Zealand’s most stunning hill country, island and coastal vistas, you can indeed feel like King or Queen of all you survey. To the north west the hamlet of Waihi sits quaintly at the foot of the rugged Coromandel Peninsula and on the south east horizon Mt. Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty appears as if you could reach out and just pluck it to add to your collection of notable landmarks.

The hand built eco lodge is nestled atop expansive surrounds. Explore the 250 acre property by foot or if art is your passion, you are welcome to create your own sculpture out of the very workable volcanic rock found in the surrounding Coromandel Peninsula. Our resident artist is Carla who is always on hand to show guests through an artistic session.

The surrounding area is blessed with many natural attractions, beautiful beaches, hills and forest to while away the days.

Await a warm welcome from your hosts Willem and Carla van de Veen.

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